Is Canyoning dangerous ?

Canyoning is a natural and outdoor/in the wild activity, therefore not secured. Despite the goodwill of your guide, natural risks persist (fast rise of the water, rock fall,…). Fortunately, they are very rare.

Despite this description of difficult, and sometimes worrying situations, canyoning provides a lot of fun and excitement and amazing discoveries. The safety and knowledge of the risks linked to this activity stay essential to avoid accidents. It is highly recommended to do this activity with qualified professionals.

Are there any medical conditions which won’t allow me do canyoning?

Medical informations : download (in french)

Who is able to practice canyoning?

Everyone with a good physical condition and who is able to move by themself in rough terrain and listen to the instructions of his guide. Children from the age of ten with permission from a parent.

It is imperative to be able to swim and to put your head under water.

What do i need to participate ?

  • Sport shoes (trainers or trekking shoes)
  • Swimming costume (swimming-pool type)
  • Towel
  • A waterproof T-shirt (recommended)
  • A piece if string to attach your glasses if necessary.
  • Dry clothes (including shoes) to leave confortably.

The weather seems to be uncertain…

Canyoning can be done under the rain as long as the height of the water stays ok. The Annecy Canyoning team knows the site and have the experience to decide. If the conditions are estimated unfavourable, several possibilities :

  1. With your agreement, an other activity can be proposed
  2. An other date can be proposed
  3. We refund your payment.

However, if  Annecy Canyoning don’t change the program but you don’t come, you still have to pay the guide.


What do I need to participate ?

  • Trainers or  trekking shoes to walk in the mountains
  • Sport clothes, adapted to the weather of the moment ( Beware, the site is 1500m high)
  • A pair of gloves (cycling type)
  • A little backpack (drink + snack+ jacket)

Is vertigo a big problem to practice Via-Ferrata ?

In many situations, we misinterpretate the meaning of “vertigo”. In 95% of cases, “frightened of heights” is a better term. The difference is huge because the fear of heights can be solved by progressive exercises linked to heigts.  Accrobranche, Via-Ferrata or easy climbing are some good exercises you can do to be more comfortable with heigts.

I have no experience in this kind of activity, am I able to do it easily ?

This question was in our mind when we built this circuit, therefore, it is built  adequately. Your guide will help you everytime you need it and every big difficulties can be avoided by easier ways so you can follow the group whitout any stress. Our advice, if you aren’t sure of your capacities, is to try “forest adventure circuit” (Accrobranche)  which is a good way to test yourself.

What is the specific equipment necessary to do Via-ferrata ?

Montagne Sensation / AnnecyCanyoning lends to each participant :

  • 1 harness
  • V shaped lanyard with shock absorber
  • 1 helmet
  • 1 Poulie

This equipment meets the current  legislation (CE) and are verified after every use.


What do I need ?

  • Sportsware
  • Climbing shoes (trainers are ok if you are a beginner)
  • A little backpack with water, a snack and a jacket