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TyroCanyon® by
TyroCanyon® by
Haut en couleur.
TyroCanyon® by
Le canyoning à Annecy
Du pur bonheur dans le canyon de Montmin.
Canyoning dans les Alpes
Passage sécurisé par une corde.
TyroCanyon® by
Ça roule, c'est coule !
 Canyoning à Annecy
Environnement aquatique, encadrement bienveillant.
TyroCanyon® by
TyroCanyon® by
Avec du style !
TyroCanyon® by
Pleine Jungle !
TyroCanyon® by
Un pur produit imaginé par Annecy Canyoning

Canyoning |



Fun for all the family!

Fly over the canyon at more than 30 meters above the water with 2 adrenaline-charged-zip-lines!

Feet back on the ground, continue your adventure down the bottom half of the Montmin canyon with various jumps (from 1 to 7 meters high), waterslides, and abseils along the way!

Tyrocanyon(R) is exclusif to Annecy Canyoning! Come and discover this new adventure, whether it's with your family, your partner, alone or with a group of friends, your fantastic unique adventure is here!

We provide


Neoprene gear


Need to bring

Sneakers/Running shoes (with laces)

Swim suit


Spare clothing

2 h 00

Regular price :

Special (> 6 pers)
54 €

Special price : from 6 to 10 people. Beyond, contact us

Given the aquatic nature of the Montmin Canyon, each participant must know how to swim and not be embarrassed to put their head under water.

Ideal for families, groups and couples seeking adrenaline

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A trip can be cancelled the day before if there are less than 4 people. In that case, we will reimbourse all that have been pre-paid. Thank you for your understanding.


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